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Cutting and coring experts and construction professionals require a reliable, Non-destructive means to locate targets within concrete structures prior to drilling, cutting or coring. X-Ray/Radar Concrete offers a range of concrete inspection to ensures that GPR Scan is optimized for one’s particular application.
GPR Scan is the tool of choice of concrete professionals based on field-proven durability, and accuracy for locating rebar, post-tension cables and conduits.

GPR as an imaging tool allows the inspector to gather the following information:

  • Radar tension cable location and depth
  • Slab thickness on grade and suspended.
  • Location of non-metallic and metallic conduits and other embedded nom-structural features such as fiber networks, in floor heating elements and plumbing.
  • Detection of voids and variations in the concrete matrix

Condition assessment is a growing field with GPR. Bridge decks and Other structures may be scanned to non-destructively evaluate the amount of deterioration of these structures. Areas of degraded or compromised concrete from corroded rebar and delamination are detectable with GPR as areas of low and chlorides.

  • Inspection of other reinforced concrete structures.
  • Measure slab thickness.
  • Void detection and location.
  • Concrete inspection.
  • Structure inspection.
  • Bridge deck condition assessment.
  • Condition assessment.
  • Determining concrete cover depth on new structures.



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